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Делать больше меньшими ресурсами

Микки Гранот, Управляющий партнер Next Era Consulting Неделю назад мне посчастливилось побеседовать с коммерческим директором крупного производителя продуктов питания. Компания постоянно росла как органически, так

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Do more with less

Do more with less

читать по русски Mickey Granot, Managing Partner Next-Era Consulting A week ago, I had the privilege to chat with a commercial director of a large

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From crisis to growth
cash constraint

From Crisis to Growth

The Corona virus business crisis results with many businesses, globally facing a survival threatening reality; some are facing a total stop of their business while

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Money and motivation
Affecting behaviors

Money and Motivation

Maslow has presented his Hierarchy of needs at the early 50’s, ever since it is understood that money motivates people when they are at the

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