Managerial Decisions making then and Today

Recently I had a discussion with a group of business leaders that were exploring ways to improve the performance of their companies. I had given a presentation and following the presentation we had a talk. The discussion took off from the content of the presentation but took a “life of its own” leading what seemed […]

Делать больше меньшими ресурсами

Неделю назад мне посчастливилось побеседовать с коммерческим директором крупного производителя продуктов питания. Компания постоянно росла как органически, так и через сделки слияний и поглощений. В результате постоянно расширялся продуктовый портфель и росло количество категорий, управляемых коммерческой службой. Объем задач коммерческой функции также постоянно рос: ввод новых продуктов, проведение рекламных кампаний, оптимизация продуктового портфеля, взаимодействие с […]

Do more with less

читать по русски A week ago, I had the privilege to chat with a commercial director of a large food producer. The company experienced a continuous growth both organic and through M&A’s. As a result, there is a constant growth in their product portfolio, and categories managed by the commercial team. The complexity of the […]

The 3 Guidelines ensuring that your change initiative are successful

Every improvement is a change, but not every change is an improvement. I assume everyone has accumulated sufficient experience to know that fact. Nevertheless, organizations (and in organizations I actually mean management) continues to choose change, in the same exact way that results with only 30% of the changes leading to actual improvements.   One […]

Are we afraid of big improvements (breakthroughs)?

For many years I am being driven by the desire to generate leap jumps (breakthroughs) in performance for my customers.   Let me define what in my eyes is a breakthrough in performance – it is an improvement of at least an order of magnitude, without any new technology breakthrough. A few examples: Reducing production […]

Is technology the only lever for breakthrough performance?

Breakthrough performance is something that companies seem to be seeking, even desiring to realize, nevertheless it is being searched for with preconceived notions.   Maybe we should start the discussion defining what breakthrough performance is – it is a jump in one, or more, performance indexes. To be deserving the title breakthrough this jump should […]

Our biggest challenge in delivering performance breakthrough

Mankind, by nature, strives to be better, faster, smarter, richer, more productive and so on. The foundations of know-how to support this natural tendency are mostly available, and more is being added with time. When observing the world of technology it is evident that this know-how is well utilized and new and exciting breakthroughs are […]

The one change that will uplift your production performance

Manufacturing companies competitiveness and performance is highly dependent on their production performance. Lead-time (speed), reliability, quality, productivity determine what the current performance can be, and how competitive the company is.   The above is know since the beginning of time. Manufacturing companies are engaged in a never-ending chase to improve on these performance measures. Support […]

Supply chain performance – The key to success for the Consumer goods producers

Companies constantly seek ways to improve their performance and enhance their competitiveness. One of the most powerful areas for achieving that is supply chain performance, because: It is relatively simple to gain meaningful improvement in performance Any performance improvement immediately improves cash, cost, investment and sales Supply chain performance answers a highly important need of […]

Complexity vs. Simplicity a doomed battle… or not?

Life is complex, anyway we observe our lives whether personal, social or business it is complex. What makes them complex is the fact that whatever we set our minds to do (or at least almost everything) has so many dependencies, so many elements that have an effect on the end result. Some of these elements […]