We do things differently

and we know you can too.

We’ll show you how to make the changes that really improve your business – and we’ll teach you how to sustain them to prolong your success. 

Get to Know the Granot F-words

Our approach is unlike any other organizational improvement consultancy you’ve encountered. We’ll apply our know-how and our knowledge to open your eyes to some surprising facts about your reality and pave the way for a true breakthrough. 

With a results-driven business model, we don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time. At the onset, we’ll work quickly, behind the scenes to deliver an expert analysis of your organization while you remain focused on your day-to-day business.

When it comes to unlocking improvements, “the big guns” are most often very small but laser sharp. We’ll identify the right change/s to make with surgical precision, and ensure your successes are both measurable and repeatable.

Have we mentioned we’re results-driven? Once we engage, we are in it to win it – and there’s no turning back. 

Your new mantra: Improvement does not require new resources or investment! Before we even start, we know your business already holds the ability to improve from within and we will show you how.

What we are about

From study to practice and back again.

Mickey, a key contributor to the development and application of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Theory Of Constraints (TOC) approach in Corporate Development.   The Group was founded to offer organizations on any scale a new and impactful approach to corporate change; an approach that is refreshingly results-driven, fast, and focused, and one that has seen remarkable successes over the years.   We believe that every organization has the potential to improve, and we are your partner, committed to results. Together we will make it happen – quickly and firmly.   Let’s get this cannon ball rolling!!

Meet the Granot Group Team

Mickey Granot

Global Managing Partner Granot Group

Stela Donica

CEO & Partner Granot Group Baltics

Algirdas Šabūnas

Partner & Project Leader Granot Group Baltics

Ridal Sultanov

Partner & Project Leader Granot Group Russia & CIS

Roberta Lepeškevičė

Consultant & Improvement Expert

Nerijus Žilius

Consultant & Improvement Expert

Wolfgang Klemm

Delivery Partner Germany

Leonid Kuzmichev

Consultant & Improvement Expert

Our Services

Putting our knowhow to work for you.

We are dedicated to helping you gain a clear and all-encompassing depiction of your organization so that you can start to introduce impactful, sustainable improvements right away.

With the TOC methodology, we help you identify the opportunities you already have access to (without adding any costs or investments), and unlock the across-the-board confidence required to carry it out. That’s right, we unite leadership behind the new change strategy. It’s possible! 
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Jumpstart your sales and profitability with existing resources and within your existing infrastructure, and then leverage it to continually achieve exceptional growth rates.

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Decrease your supply lead time, produce significantly more, slash your inventories. Always deliver as promised – without any additional investments – and then continuously improve. 
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Eliminate shortages, diminish excess inventories, lift inventory turns – without additional investments – and then continuously improve.
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Cut your project cycle times, execute more projects, always deliver as promised, without any additional investments – and then continuously improve.

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How we do things – differently

Perfect Game Methodology

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that organizations are like living breathing entities and they must keep moving to thrive. What this means is that any type of organization - regardless of its success - is ripe for improvement.

Let's get engaged

Once we have an expert analysis to work with, how do we proceed? We offer flexible levels of engagement; the choice is yours:

Either way, the only way is up!

Success Stories

We are driven by your success, and we are committed to helping you get there without it costing more than it brings in. We’ll apply our know-how and our knowledge to pave the way for a true breakthrough.

Get your initial analysis and be blown away by the insights.

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