For a long while now, almost any organization has been investing substantially in innovation. Still, it is quite rare, maybe even unheard of, for companies to demonstrate substantial effects on business performance. It is more common to hear about the delays and the too small ROI on all of this investment. 

Mostly innovations are regarded as ideas, breakthrough ideas that some people can come up naturally, and others perhaps through a more structured process. Still the evaluation process of whether or not the idea is valid for business is heavily relying on emotion and intuition. 

A structured process, based on critical questions can lead to making much better choices to start with, followed by a much more fail-safe process meaningfully enhancing the probability that the idea will turn into business and generate the expected business benefits, or more. 

Coupling this service with our project management service helps ensure that over and above, the innovation processes will be shorter, and completed on or before the expected times while making the utmost effective use of resources and budgets. 

The objectives of this service are:

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