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Online "Certified Theory Of Constraints (ToC) Supply Chain Expert Program" 28th of September 2021

The Program is intended for C-level executives and managers interested in developing capabilities for realizing breakthrough performance in the supply chain area: Production, Logistics, Distribution and Inventory management. And for those seeking a career in consulting.

The knowledge will lead you to:

  • Design and lead successful change initiatives;
  • Bring exceptional operational performance improvements;
  • Enhance your competitiveness and win more business;
  • Get much more and much faster out of your LEAN initiatives, for those implementing it.

100 hours balanced online program (two 4-h sessions every week).

Knowledge that blasts changes;

Participants of this course can sit for the TOC ICO fundamentals and Supply Chain logistics exams and obtain globally recognized certification.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Provides clear practical evidence that it is possible to achieve significant improvements in any Supply Chain environment fast, with no risk observed."

Sara Faletto, Weeond Partner, Italy

“My experience with world-class TOC experts: Mickey, Eli, and Lisa was intense and efficient. It provided a totally new knowhow and perception of Supply Chain"

Vidas Alekna, Head of Supply Chain SIGNEDA

"Globally recognized lecturers, with hundreds of companies successfully achieving performance breakthroughs by implementing TOC Supply Chain solutions.”

Nerijus Žilius, CEO at Prospere UAB

“Clearly realized that the same infrastructure can be significantly more productive.”

Ridal Sultanov, Director KPMG Russia

During the course you will learn

To identify the core issues, constraining the performance of your supply chain

To realize Supply chain excellence based on a shift to Demand-Driven operations and effective process of ongoing improvement.

To identify the core issues, constraining the performance of your plant and elevate them without any additional investment or costs

How to realize manufacturing excellence by shifting to Flow-focused Manufacturing and an effective process of ongoing improvement.

Among the Companies that successfully applied this knowledge are

Course leader: Founder of Granot Group – World-renowned ToC & LEAN expert with 35 years’ experience.

Jointly with. Dr. Eli Goldratt, Mickey Granot was responsible for the development and dissemination of the Theory of Constraints (ToC) body of knowledge and eventually was the CEO of Goldratt Group.

Mickey has designed and delivered numerous training and education programs with companies and universities worldwide. Developed and executed consulting projects globally in various industries.

Eli Schragenheim is a well-known international management educator, author and consultant active in various fields of management.

Including corporate strategy, decision support, innovation, supply chain, project management, shop-floor control, IT and HR. He worked with huge variety of organizations all over the world, including public-sector organizations, industrial, high-tech and start-ups. Since he had joined Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the famous creator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in 1985, Eli Schragenheim had taught, spoke at conferences and consulted all over the globe.

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