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Immunize the future of your company

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Strategy – Immunize the future of your company 

We live in volatile times. External circumstances are changing ever so rapidly and dramatically. These changes are totally out of our control, mostly unexpected and often carry meaningful effects; effects that can not only temporarily the performance, but actually place the company’s existence at risk. 

You should not leave survival to luck. You need to have Business Performance Buffers. Performance buffers that can absorb the effects of the external events, diminish the effects on the company and totally eliminate the risk to its survival. 

Yon will need three buffers required; The Growth Rate Buffer – Your company’s top line rate of growth must always be greater than the average of your industry, The Profitability Buffer – your profitability must always be greater than the average of your industry and The Cash Buffer – you must always have sufficient cash set aside to enable you to sustain your business.

You need a strategy that can reliably and consistently create and sustain these buffers for your company. Today’s volatile times mandate that. We will guide you through the process of designing and implementing such a strategy for immunizing the future of your company. 

Trainning 2

Business Performance – Rapidly improve on your key financial performance

  • Do you experience long period of your sales not growing?
  • Is your cash flow restricting your performance?
  • Is your level of profitability too low, in spite of your cost cutting efforts? 

Too often the chase after opportunities to improve the business performance key indicators result with many opportunities that are lost, or missed; sales opportunities, cash opportunities and profit opportunities. 

Let us expose these opportunities for you, and help you realize them rapidly so that you can direct your attention to the key challenge – immunizing the future of your company.

Training 3

Delivery Performance – Improve your delivery speed, your reliability and the
cost effectiveness of your operational system

  • Are your delivery lead times too long?
  • Is your inventory too high, and still from time to time you miss sales due to shortages?
  • Is your reliability of supply too low? Do customers often complain about that?
  • Is your productivity too low? ROI too slow? Cost effectiveness unsatisfactory?

It does not have to be that way. We will work with your team to design and implement systems, processes and tools that will rapidly bring your operational performance to new heights, while installing the culture and practice of continuous improvement, so you can direct your attention to the key challenge – immunize the future of your company.

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