Are we afraid of big improvements (breakthroughs)?

For many years I am being driven by the desire to generate leap jumps (breakthroughs) in performance for my customers.   Let me define what in my eyes is a breakthrough in performance – it is an improvement of at least an order of magnitude, without any new technology breakthrough. A few examples: Reducing production […]

Is technology the only lever for breakthrough performance?

Breakthrough performance is something that companies seem to be seeking, even desiring to realize, nevertheless it is being searched for with preconceived notions.   Maybe we should start the discussion defining what breakthrough performance is – it is a jump in one, or more, performance indexes. To be deserving the title breakthrough this jump should […]

Our biggest challenge in delivering performance breakthrough

Mankind, by nature, strives to be better, faster, smarter, richer, more productive and so on. The foundations of know-how to support this natural tendency are mostly available, and more is being added with time. When observing the world of technology it is evident that this know-how is well utilized and new and exciting breakthroughs are […]

The one change that will uplift your production performance

Manufacturing companies competitiveness and performance is highly dependent on their production performance. Lead-time (speed), reliability, quality, productivity determine what the current performance can be, and how competitive the company is.   The above is know since the beginning of time. Manufacturing companies are engaged in a never-ending chase to improve on these performance measures. Support […]

Our experience, friend or foe?

As we accumulate years of experience we also accumulate valuable knowledge. We learn from our mistakes (hopefully) and gain better intuition about things. This is excellent. However, experience is a double edged sward, on the other side it blocks our vision and narrows our width of thought. We believe that “we know” to the extent, […]