Be different- it is the only way to stand out

Every for-profit company is a financial asset owned by shareholders. This financial asset has a special attribute – it’s value can be constantly improved. When shareholders assign a CEO for their company, they are expecting the CEO to enhance the value of the asset. Even if this clarity of definition is not used, this is […]

The one change that will rapidly improve your profitability

Profitability (the percent of profit out of sales) is one of the key performance indicators for any management team (of for-profit companies). Improving it is a major concern. Sadly, most effort and focus on improving profitability is directed at reducing costs. This focus has the following interesting aspects, one should recognize:   It indicates that […]

Shortening the Distance to Money

One 0f the more important tasks of companies is to develop and sustain a competitive advantage. It often seems to me that when coming to business people forget their lives and walk into an imaginary world they have created. A world where they collect evidence to support their vision of the imaginary world. In this […]