The Fallacy Of Business Opportunities

The fallacy of business opportunities

Companies, and their leaders are constantly engaged with two challenging tasks – grow the top line, do it profitably. To achieve the first one companies try and have in their possession products and services that they can offer to their market that answer the market needs, or even anticipate needs to be answered, they then […]

Control, Over-Control and Out-Of-Control

Out of control

It seems obvious, control of systems is necessary for their performance. It provides the identification required to ensure actions taken result with the desired outcome, it provides people with guidance and allows managers to intervene effectively. Can it be however, that the commonly used control systems, not only do not satisfy these important needs, but […]

Saving money or Making money?


As a management consultant working with top management worldwide for many years, I constantly meet management teams that are immersed with the quest of reducing cost. It is common for top management to have a yearly goal of cost reduction and for all levels of management to be investing effort in finding ways for meeting […]