Most of the organization live in a daily battle; a battle for achieving sales targets, profitability level, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, sufficient quality, control cost, ensure supplier reliability and more. The endless dealing with these multitude of challenges fills up the managers days to the extent “there is no time left to do the job”.

The human mind is an amazing system. Our body intercepts, at any moment, millions inputs of information; hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. But our mind knows we do not need all of this information and instantaniously sorts the ifnormation and brings to our conciuosness only the inormation we require. In this miraculous, yet a bit worrying, split of a second our sub-conciuosness decides for us that there is information we do not require, that is not important and thus it remains unconcious, uinknown and without any recognition Sometime, this is exactly where the big opportunity lies.

In any organization, during its natural evolution, a similar system is being created. The organization intercepts information from multitude of sensors and the “organization brain” chooses what is relevant and hides the rest. A huge advantage as it enables focusing and action, however a huge disadvantage as many, imense opportunities remain hidden and unexploited.


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