There are organizations that all of their business existance is project based (construction, engineering, software develeopment etc.) and all the rest execute projects regularly for various purposes (new product development, marketing campaigns, capacity enhancement, moving addresse etc.) In all cases projects require non-negligible company resources, have a defined objective and are supposed to be achieving this objective within defiend limitations of time, budget and quality (scope). The unique nature of projects mandates suitable knowledge, tools and methods specifically designed. However, in an economically unstable market with growing competition, where the projects custmenrs demand more and seek paying less while having numerous alternatives to choose from, the challenge of completing the project wihin its limitations seems to be infinitley grater in light of the additional challenge – completing it faster and cheaper.

In spite of consistent advancement in the developemt of knowledge and tools for project management it seems that the chellenge remains intact and that there is a need to adopt new point of view for realizing a meaningful brealthrough in project performance.

Objectives: the program objectives refer both to single and multiple project environment.

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