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On-line TOC Certified Supply Chain Expert Program

28th Sep. 2021 

About The Program


Theory of constraints (ToC) is a methodology for designing and executing breakthrough strategies of improvement based on the assumption that every system performance is governed by very few limiting factors (constraints). The knowledge, tools and techniques of ToC enable rapid identification of these limiting factors, designing solutions for removing them and effectively harnessing the power of people in making the changes. It allows clear focus on what requires it, and confidence to avoid directing the focus towards other less effective initiatives. In more than 40 years organizations and individuals, globally have been able to realize performance breakthroughs to levels beyond their expectations.

The program

The ToC Certified Supply Chain Expert program will provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills you need to successfully lead supply chain transformation programs that result with sustainable breakthrough performance in the key performance indicators of any supply chain – Speed of delivery, Reliability of Delivery, Reliability of the inventory, Inventory Turns, Cost – effectiveness and Productivity. The program is made of two separate parts, each one week long:

Part 1 – Fundamentals

In this part the program provides you with the practical approach to systems and change. You will develop the skills to identify the system’s constraint, to design the best way to enhance the system’s performance through exploiting the constraint, to align the whole system to the new way, to identify in a timely manner when the constraint might move and to install the practices that will ensure continuous improvement. Among the topics of this part are:


What is a system? What is a system’s constraint?

Constraints management process

Measuring system performance and financial performance

Cause and effect thinking fundamentals

The change process and effective change management

Part 2 – Supply Chain Implementer

In this part the program provides you with the practical approach to supply chain performance improvement. You will develop the skills to analyze and understand the specifics of a supply chain, to design the supply chain management model needed to realize breakthrough performance and instill the process and culture of continuous improvement. Among the topics of this part are:


Effective transformation in production

Controlling flow, MTA/MTO, Load control, combination of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma

Effective Transformation of Distribution

The central/ regional and distribution centers, The concept of decoupling, dynamic inventory management, replenishment, supplier management

Effective supply chain transformation

Combining the whole supply chain from suppliers to customers, modeling supply chain, solution design, performance measuring

At the end of each part the participants will take the TOC International Certification exam so that they gain the globally recognized TOC Implementer Certificate.​

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Course leader: Founder of Granot Group – World-renowned ToC & LEAN expert with 35 years’ experience.

Jointly with. Dr. Eli Goldratt, Mickey Granot was responsible for the development and dissemination of the Theory of Constraints (ToC) body of knowledge and eventually was the CEO of Goldratt Group.

Mickey has designed and delivered numerous training and education programs with companies and universities worldwide. Developed and executed consulting projects globally in various industries.

Eli Schragenheim is a well-known international management educator, author and consultant active in various fields of management.

Including corporate strategy, decision support, innovation, supply chain, project management, shop-floor control, IT and HR. He worked with huge variety of organizations all over the world, including public-sector organizations, industrial, high-tech and start-ups. Since he had joined Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the famous creator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in 1985, Eli Schragenheim had taught, spoke at conferences and consulted all over the globe.


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