About The Program

  • Too often Change initiatives do not deliver the expected results,
  • Frequently the Return on Investments in performance improvements is too low,¬†
  • Commonly selling your consulting services is a meaningful challenge.

TOC Certified Supply Chain Expert Program

  • 100 hours balanced on-line program (25 weekly sessions, 4 hours each one)
  • Knowledge that blasts changes;
  • Participants of this course will sit for the¬†TOCICO¬†Fundamentals and Supply Chain Logistics exams in order to obtain certification

That leads to:

  • Designing and leading successful change initiatives!
  • Bringing exceptional operational performance improvements!
  • Enhancing your competitiveness and win more business!

Who should attend?

  • The program is designed for C-Level executives seeking a career change into consultancy and Management consultants seeking to develop their capabilities for realizing breakthrough performance with their customers and enhancing their competitiveness.

Why should you attend?

Because you are genuinely keen to make a difference. Because supply chain performance is a key area of interest for you. Because you are keen to give your career a boost. Because we will offer graduating participants who are interested in that exciting and challenging supply chain transformation consulting jobs. Because you will be offered a continuous support to your consulting sales and engagements. Because you will gain two prestigious certifications from Next-Era Academy and TOC ICO.


Mickey: Global

Stela: Lithuania


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