Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. Albert Einstein

What's wrong with my LEAN?

Ready to find out?

Very low return on Investment

Insignificant or very small improvement in lead time; productivity and reliability

Takes a lot of time to see the effects of the changes

All you have left are LEAN posters on the walls

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Using Theory of Constraints (ToC) to maximize the effectiveness of your LEAN

15th-16th of September 2021
14h -18h GMT+2

This Masterclass is intended for Executives in manufacturing companies, that are disappointed with their LEAN program and seek to achieve real, measurable, meaningful, and lasting improvement in their operational performance – much faster.

The knowledge will lead you to:

  • Gain clear understanding of the necessary conditions for LEAN to be applicable
  • Identify the LEAN tools and solution elements that not only will not help them improve performance, but will surely deteriorate performance
  • Learn what is missing for gaining real value from LEAN and how ToC as an infrastructure to LEAN will allow theme to rapidly gain meaningful improvements and implement an effective system for ongoing improvement

8 intensive hours split in 2 sessions

Knowledge that will blast your ROI from your LEAN initiative

Granot Group Certification

1 hour free consultation

What Our participants Are Saying

Just Think

Is LEAN suitable for every manufacturing?

Is everything under the LEAN umbrella an improvement?

Can it be that LEAN implementation will de-facto deteriorate performance rather than improving it?

Among the Companies that successfully applied this knowledge are

Course leader: Founder of Granot Group – World-renowned ToC & LEAN expert with 35 years’ experience.

Jointly with. Dr. Eli Goldratt, Mickey Granot was responsible for the development and dissemination of the Theory of Constraints (ToC) body of knowledge and eventually was the CEO of Goldratt Group.

Mickey has designed and delivered numerous training and education programs with companies and universities worldwide. Developed and executed consulting projects globally in various industries.

Are you ready ?

Make your lean work!

Only 399 euro
I Would Love To Participate

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