Managerial Decisions making then and Today

Managerial Decisions making then and Today

Mickey Granot, Global Managing partner, Next-Era-Consulting Recently I had a discussion with a group of business leaders that were exploring ways to improve the performance of their companies. I had given a presentation and following the presentation we had a talk. The discussion took off from the content of the presentation but took a “life […]

Changing Value Perception

Changing Value Perception

  Mickey Granot, Managing Partner Next-Era Consulting I’ve been working with a customer for a while now on an assignment designed to grow sales and profitability. It started with reorganizing the manufacturing and within a short while the company realized a meaningful jump in their performance; production lead time went down from 28 days to […]

Делать больше меньшими ресурсами

Микки Гранот, Управляющий партнер Next Era Consulting Неделю назад мне посчастливилось побеседовать с коммерческим директором крупного производителя продуктов питания. Компания постоянно росла как органически, так и через сделки слияний и поглощений. В результате постоянно расширялся продуктовый портфель и росло количество категорий, управляемых коммерческой службой. Объем задач коммерческой функции также постоянно рос: ввод новых продуктов, проведение […]

Do more with less

Do more with less

читать по русски Mickey Granot, Managing Partner Next-Era Consulting A week ago, I had the privilege to chat with a commercial director of a large food producer. The company experienced a continuous growth both organic and through M&A’s. As a result, there is a constant growth in their product portfolio, and categories managed by the […]

Realize and sustain Exceptional Performance

The Corona virus has brought the world economy to an almost complete stop. The result has been fatal to many businesses and many others are still struggling and may find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. For many of these businesses, effectively navigating the turbulent crisis period is likely to enable them to survive the […]

From Crisis to Growth

From crisis to growth

The Corona virus business crisis results with many businesses, globally facing a survival threatening reality; some are facing a total stop of their business while many others are experiencing a sharp decline in their revenues. The longer the situation continues, the more severe will the impact on businesses be. As painful as the situation may […]

Are the measures taken to battle COVID-19 leading to a much bigger Crisis?

Consulting corona time

What if the measures taken to handle the corona virus outbreak result with a much bigger crisis?  One that it’ll take years to recover from and with an insurmountable cost. If leaders will continue with the current measures, and won’t change now, we may find ourselves in the day after fighting for survival.  What is […]

3 Signs that your business is Fragile

Careful fragile

We, people, have a innate quality that brings us to ignore the fact that we are mortal. We live with that, and not just accept it, but mostly live as if it can never happen to us. This is a quality, because it allows us to live our lives without being preoccupied with that fact […]

Managing People

Managers are well aware of the importance of increasing the motivation, initiative, willingness to collaborate and communication among people in the company. All those “soft” issues are actually the hardest and highly important ingredients that determine the capabilities of the company. However, most (all) companies experience the existence of phenomena that continuously add oil to […]


For a long while now, almost any organization has been investing substantially in innovation. Still, it is quite rare, maybe even unheard of, for companies to demonstrate substantial effects on business performance. It is more common to hear about the delays and the too small ROI on all of this investment.  Mostly innovations are regarded […]