Our biggest obstacle to breakthrough growth is … US

By: Mickey Granot

We are born with the natural desire to grow engraved in our DNA, we are curious and we do not accept anything without challenging it. As we get older we slowly, yet surely, abandon this natural capability and replace it with solid truths.


Some of these truths are a result of our own experience (“we tried it and it did not work“) other truths we accept as such from external sources (these ones are sadder as we never tried it ourselves and many times we do not even know why is it not done this way). We accept them to the extent we no longer challenge them, and even worst we defend them as if a successful challenge on them will shake the basis for our existence. We defend them so forcefully, that even in front of clear evidence these truths are false, we fight to hold on to them.


Many of the most successful individuals and companies, realized their success challenging the most profound, commonly accepted truths. And when we look at their success, invalidating these truths, we nevertheless tend to hold on to our believes (for example look at Zara, after so many years doing mostly the opposite of what everyone else in their industry is doing, still there is no textile company even trying to do the same).


We need to realize that our biggest obstacle for success, is us. Our believe that something is solid truth and our stubbornness to hold on to it, is our biggest growth blocking factor. It is highly beneficial for us to create for ourselves a mechanism that will help us identify those truths we hold on to, and challenge them. We might still decide to hold on to them, but if we do find a way to negate them a real breakthrough becomes possible.


The best way to identify these truths is to pay attention to our arguments. Whenever you are evaluating a proposed change, if your reaction is “It is impossible” ask yourself why? If your answer is: “Because the only way to …. is…” , or “Because we always did it this way” , or “Because everyone is doing it this way” it is your sign! You are holding on to something without a valid reason and it is probably highly beneficial to challenge it. As long as you allow yourself to hold on to these “truths” you are your own breakthrough blocking factor.


Breakthrough required different thinking. As Einstein said “You cannot solve problem with the same thinking that created them”. For many of the things we are doing, there is more than one way. Open your mind to exploring the alternatives, by first unblocking yourself. What is achievable is limitless, when you accept that what you used to believe to be impossible, is actually – possible.

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