Paradigm Shift or Shifting Paradigm

By: Mickey Granot

When one takes a deeper view of leading brands of the world and asks himself – “How did they get there?” One gets many possible answers. What is common to many of these answers is the theme – They have chosen to do something in a highly non-traditional way, even in a way that is opposite to their market “normal” behavior. The leaders of these organizations lead them through paradigm shifts.


To do something extraordinary requires courage as it carries huge benefits, if successful and not smaller risks, if not. This is probably why even when successful companies are willing to share the choices that lead them with the rest, almost no one adopts or tries to imitate. The fear associated with the risks wins over the hope associated with the potential benefits. Top management desires huge benefits but is much more afraid of the ramifications of failure.


A paradigm shift requires one to stop trusting is natural instincts and put their trust in the unknown (yet clearly doable, as others did it). It is like learning to scuba dive or parachute , it is so different any previous gained experience, it requires to abandon some of the natural behaviors and adopt new ones, purely based on the trust with the instructor and the fact that others are clearly doing it.


Sometimes, like with parachuting, one must take a leap of faith, but when it comes to organizations, the risks associated with this leap of faith can be controlled. Instead of going through a paradigm shift, it is (mostly) possible to shift the paradigm. Shifting the paradigm is achieved through a series of smaller changes with an accumulative effect of a paradigm shift.


It does require a clear understanding of the new paradigm and a clear road map for the transformation, however it allows people to control the paralyzing fear. It may take a little longer for the paradigm to shift, but persistence and consistency ensure it will happen.


The good new is that still many are paralyzed by the fear and those who dare make a difference.


The one fact that is clear, is that you cannot breakthrough by doing the same things everyone else is doing. Staying at the comfort of the existing paradigm is the best way to ensure that success, any success, is a random result and highly temporary.

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