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By: Mickey Granot

The Corona virus has brought the world economy to an almost complete stop. The result has been fatal to many businesses and many others are still struggling and may find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. For many of these businesses, effectively navigating the turbulent crisis period is likely to enable them to survive the crisis.

Surviving is not enough. The crisis will end, and at that day surviving businesses may find themselves in an even bigger challenge; the challenge of returning to normal mode of operations. Those who lost too much during the crisis will still face the risk of bankruptcy. More than that, the crisis is affecting markets in a dramatic way, and in the day after there will be ample growth opportunities both in terms of market as well as in terms of capacities. Those that will survive the crisis and will be prepared will be able to exploit these opportunities.

It is therefore critical for businesses to effectively use the crisis period to guarantee survival and at the same time the ability to rapidly exploit the business opportunities of the “day after” leading to rapid growth in sales and profits. This is achieved through the design of the “day after sustainable-growth strategy” and executing all the preparatory actions that will guarantee the company can execute, rapidly immediately in the “day after.

If there is one lesson to learn from the Corona virus crisis; it is that businesses are extremely fragile. To be ready for the next crisis it is imperative that businesses do whatever is necessary to immunize their future, to strengthen the company’s endurance to future crisis. This is achieved through creating and sustaining business performance buffers (sales growth rate, profitability and cash).

We can help you convert the crisis to your prosperity and anti-fragility opportunity. Contact us today for more information. The time for action is now, tomorrow may be too late.

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