Be different- it is the only way to stand out

Be different

Every for-profit company is a financial asset owned by shareholders. This financial asset has a special attribute – it’s value can be constantly improved. When shareholders assign a CEO for their company, they are expecting the CEO to enhance the value of the asset. Even if this clarity of definition is not used, this is […]

You probably do not have a competitive advantage, What should you do so you do have it?


For-profit companies are endlessly chasing the holy grail – competitiveness. Reaching a situation in which they are able to tilt customers preference to their products or services in comparison to those offered by their competitors. These efforts, sometimes are successful, however – seldomly. Why do I claim it is seldom? How would one evaluate if […]

Supply chain performance – The key to success for the Consumer goods producers

Supply chain performance

Companies constantly seek ways to improve their performance and enhance their competitiveness. One of the most powerful areas for achieving that is supply chain performance, because: It is relatively simple to gain meaningful improvement in performance Any performance improvement immediately improves cash, cost, investment and sales Supply chain performance answers a highly important need of […]

Saving money or Making money?


As a management consultant working with top management worldwide for many years, I constantly meet management teams that are immersed with the quest of reducing cost. It is common for top management to have a yearly goal of cost reduction and for all levels of management to be investing effort in finding ways for meeting […]